“Extremely cool” do-it-yourself topiary with buttons. (6 ideas)

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Topiary, or the tree of happiness, is a small artificial tree
made from a variety of materials and things. We present in the
selection of six cool topiary made of buttons.

The base for the crown is made of paper and wrapped with thread.
Buttons are held on French pins.

A small topiary is made in a coffee cup filled with pebbles, on
a real branch and with many colored buttons.

The children’s version looks cool due to the button pyramids on
the ball. The base is a gift box.

Topiary, with light rustic accents, will be a wonderful

Metallic topiary. It is actually made of ordinary materials
(except for a can) and painted with golden paint from a spray

Extremely cool globe-shaped topiary. The continents and oceans
are laid out with buttons.

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