DIY dovecote. 8 photo

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DIY dovecote. 8 photo

At first, one small dovecote can be enough for fans of pigeons.
Hence, experience will appear, and the possible mutual
understanding of pigeons with humans at least at a confidence
level. And then how it goes; if you like it, why not expand such an
exciting activity to a more grandiose scale?

Such a small dovecote is suitable for one pigeon. It is easy to
make, but it is better to ask the wood master for help, otherwise
you can waste more than one hour.
DIY dovecote. 8 photo Double
dovecote. It is done on the principle of a single, but only for
DIY dovecote. 8 photo Nest at the
same time perch at low altitude. Without doors and bars.
DIY dovecote. 8 photo Ten-seat
dovecote. Suitable for medium families and takes up little
DIY dovecote. 8 photo An alternative
with a metal base for the average family.
DIY dovecote. 8 photo Net dovecote
attached to the side of the house. Original and very difficult.
DIY dovecote. 8 photo Not the most
capacious model, however it will help not freeze in the winter and
from a gust of wind. DIY dovecote. 8 photo Pigeons also
need a warm house, so it is important that they be taken care
DIY dovecote. 8 photo

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